Encapsulation (2020)

by The Instrument


84474119_10158111681759456_6591300092274147328_o© Maya M. Carroll
Revealed through the eyes and motions of a single character (‘the dreamer’), Encapsulation sets a journey through a maze of totemic symbols, unfolding multiple psyches inside its labyrinth. Embodying imagery while layering tangible and sonic-hypnotizing environments, the work roots a deep ancestral gaze onto the far future. A hybrid of ancient myth and science fiction which exposes striking visuals of ritual, poetry and apocalypse.

choreography: Maya M. Carroll
dance: Stephanie Van Aken
music: Roy Carroll
costume: Federico Polluci
lights: Maya M. Carroll and Asier Solana

Co-production: C-TAKT
With the support of: studio 142 – Hanna Hegenscheidt (DE), C-TAKT (BE), de School van Gaasbeek (BE) and Ufer Studios (DE)

23.01   Dock11 BERLIN DE
24.01   Dock11 BERLIN DE
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26.01   Dock11 BERLIN DE